MSYusuf&Co. is involved in general legal practice covering all aspects of Criminal law, Civil, Commercial law and Oil and Gas law. In particular, members of the Firm have far reaching experience in the law and practice of contracts, including Joint Venture Agreements, Production Sharing Contracts, Unitization Agreements, Sale of Gas Agreement, Decommissioning Agreement, Power Purchase Agreement, Vesting Contracts, Aviation and Aerospace, Power Contracts, Conveyance, Letting and Leasing of realties, and Allied matters. 

The firm also competently handles matters relating to registration of trademarks, patents, designs, applications for expatriate quotas and other immigration related matters. The firm also offers services on investment, arbitration, conciliation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Due to the vast experience of the members and the Associates as trial attorneys, the firm is able to efficiently handle all manner of contentious matters relating to recovery of debts, protection of contractual and intellectual property rights, already mentioned above to which the firm’s practice extends.

Furthermore, the firm has developed great competence in the handling of constitutional matters and actively participated in some of the most crucial constitutional law decisions reached by the superior courts since the advent of the current democratic dispensation.
As legal consultants, the firm has drafted bills and proposed legislations. The firm also interprets statutes, resolutions, bills and other documents and also produces legal opinions as the clients may require. The firm also delivers lectures and presents seminar papers on topics that its clients may require.

Project Team

The success of any engagement of this nature is predicated upon the experience and expertise of not only the project team, but also the individuals that make up the team. To our mind, the nature of the relationship envisioned requires that the individual members of the team possess not only the requisite experience as legal practitioners but also certain levels of private and public sector experience and skills which can always come in handy not only in relationships with the client but also in the identification of a client’s problem and the provision of customized solution to that problem. We have therefore assembled a highly qualified team to work with the client on projects. Our project team has a cumulative experience of over one fifty years of extensive legal experience in various fields including performing tasks of this nature.

Some of the transactions being performed or performed by members of the team within the past few months are:

  • Legal Advisors/Consulting Solicitors for Irfan Oil and Gas Options Limited – Mashood S. Yusuf, Nassiruddeen Muhammad, Murtala Adamu Gwaram The project is ongoing.
  • Legal Advisors/Consulting Solicitors for Capper Management Limited – Mashood S. Yusuf, Sagir Sulaiman Gezawa, and A. Bashar. The project is ongoing.
  • Legal Advisors/Consulting Solicitors for Shamu Nigeria Limited -Mustapha S. Ibrahim, A. Bashar, Amina Usman Toli and Hauwa Zakari. The project is concluded.
  • Recovery of the sum of N10,000,000.00 through arbitral proceedings from Zamfara State Government for a certain Individual – Mashood S. Yusuf, Sagir Sulaiman Gezawa, E.O. Aneni (Mrs). Matter concluded.
  • Prosecuted Ten (10) cases on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria before the Federal High Court. Mashood S. Yusuf, Sagir Sulaiman Gezawa, E.O. Aneni (Mrs). Matters concluded.
  • Consultancy for Jos Electricity Distribution Plc. on regulatory compliance. – Mashood S. Yusuf. The project is concluded.
  • Legal Advisors/ Consulting Solicitors for North Field Health Services Limited Operator of Kano State Ultra-Modern Specialist Hospitals (Khalifa Isyaku Rabi’u Pediatrics Hospital Zoo Road & Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital Giginyu) – Mashood S. Yusuf & Hauwa Zakari.
  • Legal Advisors/Consulting Solicitors for Northfield Health Services & Kano State UltraModern Specialist Hospitals (Khalifa Isiyaku Rabi’u Pediatrics Hospital and Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital Giginyu). Drafting and negotiation of Public Private Partnership Agreement – Mashood S. Yusuf, Dr. Maryam Shehu Mohammed & Hauwa Zakari. This project is completed.
  • Election Petition for Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) in Edo State House of Assembly Elections 2019. This is ongoing. – Mashood S. Yusuf
  • Consultancy for a New Investor in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry- Mashood S. Yusuf & Murtala Gwaram. This project is ongoing.